37w3d decided she wanted to be a may baby!


My sweet girl decided she didn’t want to wait. Went into labor early lost my mucus plug all Thursday night with mild cramping. Friday morning I went to work for a couple hours...and by about 10am my contractions started coming and going very mild but based off the waves and “bloody show” with my mucus plug Thursday night I knew they were contractions...went home to rest and had my 37 week appt at 2pm by that time contraction were getting sharper lasting 30-40 seconds about 5 min apart. Dr checked and I was 90% effaced and 4cm dilated (shocked)...if contractions didn’t slow down or go away we defiantly knew she was coming😄🎀...got home little before 4 and told the hubby to go get big sister bc I felt I couldn’t drive...got in an warm bath...(I should also mention I’ve not gone through going into labor naturally bc we induced with my first)...so took a warm bath followed by warm shower on my back then still in my towel wondering if I should be headed to the hospital I laid down in bed...trying not to traumatize my 4 y/o...called my Mama and decided it was getting intense enough I needed to go...so we 3 loaded up and headed to see if we were gonna have a baby...contractions still 30-40s long but now 2-3 min apart...got to the hospital little after 6 and was 100% effaced and 8-9cm dilated...baby was coming!!! Just 3 hrs later 9:06pm...baby girl decided to grace us with her presence!

My two beautiful girls!!!