Am I being unreasonable ?

Alittle back story so y’all understand better..

my husband joined the army back in august of 2020 and has been gone until may 2021 ( not counting holiday leave) and I’ve given birth to our daughter alone and have basically done everything alone and have him missing a whole bunch of stuff ( yes I know it comes with military relationships)

fast foward to now he has 10 days of leave to help me n our daughter move up to his duty station.. we move on the 5th and instead of coming down later anf having more time at our house to get everything ready he picked early leave to where he only has one day at the house to help. We have been frantically getting everything ready for the move and have a ton of stuff getting together and organizing.

Yesterday before we were supposed to have dinner he texts me hes going to the coast with his dad, now normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this but considering we are leaving in 4 days I don’t think that’s fair for him to leave for a 2 1/2 day beach trip with his dad.

I expressed this towards him, and he started with the guilt trip about how it’s the last time he’ll go and the last time he’ll spend time with his dad one on one. And normally I would agree but he pulled this exact same excuse and stunt during holiday block leave. So I wasn’t happy and wasn’t falling for it.

I kept telling him how I would like if he would stay here and help and get everything ready and get what we need to do instead of relaxing on a beach. And he just kept saying I had months to get this ready and he deserves this time away cause he does so much already, and he’ll be back the day before the move to help get everything ready.

That then causes a fight between us and he asks why do I even need him here and why is it such a big deal

And i tried to explain how he’s been gone for so long I understand it’s part of the job an when the army says jump you say how high, but when it’s not the army why do you constantly leave? And I feel like I’m doing everything by myself.

He is already making constant plans to leave and hang out with his friends when we get there and he says my job is taking care of our daughter and his is the army and when he wants free time he can have it. But when I ask him to watch her it causes a fight and he asks why or tries to have someone else watch her:.

Part of me feels like I was being to mean about the coast trip... but idk anymore ...