PLEASE READ — violent relationship @ 16.. i need to vent :(


my boyfriend abuses me physically & emotionally. on friday he punched me in my leg so hard because he was mad i told him to stop (we were having sex) because it was hurting and then he got so mad that he kind of squeezed my back.. idk he did something it hurt and he started SCREAMING at me, i was crying hysterically and he started punching me.

i’ve tried leaving him before but the time i really did was because he was mad because i didn’t wanna have a baby with him at 16??? he was pulling my hair, holding me down, choking me, and when i left his house i blocked him. changed my passwords, everything. then he called my younger sister, told her to give her phone to me, then he had my sister give the phone to my mom??? and he said to her “can you tell *my name* to unblock me i don’t know why she’s upset.” when i finally unblocked him and was crying saying i’m the only one he has, that he’s so sorry and it won’t happen again, blah blah blah.

you know i’m a very petite/skinny girl, bruises are easy to get. not to mention he calls me a bitch all the time, calls me ugly, says i’m worthless, calls me a “stupid dumb retarded white bitch.” i just don’t know why i can’t leave. i lost all my friends, i can’t wear what i want anymore, i’m doing bad in school, i’m trying very hard to not fail my junior year, i am the most insecure i’ve ever been. all i’m “allowed” to wear is sweatpants. i can’t get my nails done, can’t get my eyebrows done, can’t take pictures, can’t buy what i want, i can’t go to the store if i want. i’m literally a prisoner. i don’t know what to do...

(yes, he’s insecure. he’s said he is.)