No baby shower registry

So I know the most common thing to do is to have a baby shower and a registry and guests can buy you items from your registry to gift to you at your baby shower.

However, I don’t see us being able to throw a baby shower. My mom wants to help out with a shower or a shower like gathering but I don’t know. I live 3 hours from mom and brother and 8-9 hours from other brother. No extended or immediate family lives in the same town as us. We are not really willing to drive to somewhere else to be closer to family to have a party (we did that for our wedding and it was bad). Anyway, I think having dinner with immediate family would be nice to celebrate, but would it be wrong to ask or tell other family about our baby registry and not invite them to dinner or lunch (which I remind you is several hours away from any family). I can’t afford to host everyone for a party at our apartment or a dinner/lunch at a restaurant but I also can’t afford all the items in our registry. I would send thank you cards still (obviously).

Did you have no baby shower but people still gave you gifts?

Thanks for the input