Can I go into labor?

Last night we got the call that my husbands father passed away so we went a half hour to the hospital at 1am and we saw his body which destroyed me my husband was in shock he didn’t know how to handle seeing his father lying on a hospital bed lifeless. I show emotion a lot and can’t hide it plus I’m 27 weeks pregnant so I’m already super emotional as is well we had to break the news to our 4 kids this morning which was hard. My husbands uncle came over to talk to us because we have to deal with arrangements which we’ve never done before so he was helping us out since it was his brother well my 2 year old daughter was obsessed with grandpa they had a very special bond and after seeing my husbands uncle she has been saying grandpa non stop and when he left she was kicking and saying grandpa which broke me even more. Can I go into labor or cause contractions from being so upset and hysterically crying. My husband and I have dealt with 7 deaths on both sides these past few years 2 since June it’s so hard to handle we literally have no family left all the ones we were close to have died.