An in-law vent

My father in law is THE hardest person to get along with. He constantly is making snide comments about how I raise my children and the cleanliness of my house. (The man doesn’t know a broom from a mop and he was a horrible dad, ask any of his children.)

Meanwhile he praises his daughter who is a absent mother and her house is a wreck. In fact she has said to us all that she wishes she never had children. Yet he tells me all the time I need to be more like her. It’s annoying. I can deal with it but man it’s gotten old all these years. I once told him he was being a jerk and the whole family was pissed at me so… that’s fun

My husband doesn’t stand up for me because his dad is a big dick and he says it will make things worse 🙄 I don’t want him in my house. I don’t want to interact with him.

This weekend we have a family party we will be at. My mother in law is hard to plan with she hates it I help and she hates if I don’t. No matter what I do she’s bitchy about it. If I offer to bring something to my own kids party she fights me on it. If I don’t bring anything she bitches that we are mooching. 🤦‍♀️

I like half of my in laws! They’re great we get along well and I love them! They love me we see each other often and have fun together! My sister in law and parents in law seem to want to compete or don’t think I’m good enough for their baby boy.

Meanwhile my family has only welcomed my husband with love after he did some pretty shitty things in the beginning. I’m just not used to this environment. It’s exhausting. I understand they are not the family I grew up with and I have to adjust to be with them. But, they’re kinda toxic.

I can’t win, I’m worn out and honestly I hate my FIL and my SIL 😬 rant over I just needed someone to complain to for a second

But, if you have any advice for what to do with my father in law? Or a mother in law who won’t let me help or not help?