TTC girl

Has anyone tried to alter their future babies gender by trying to follow the Shettles Method? Where you have sex 4 to 2 days before you are suppose to ovulate. I have been following that method to possible try to have us get a girl “I know I sound crazy” lol I am not 100% believing the strategy here but have been following it but I am worried that it might take awhile to become pregnant because you pretty much have sex the days leading up to ovulation and not the day before or on ovulation. I’m debating on breaking down and say screw the method, just keep trying the day before and until ovulation is over because I ovulate Saturday and I have Friday-Sunday to have some more chances to try for a baby and hope we get pregnant and if it’s a girl it is and if it’s a boy it is. I don’t think this shettles method is gunna change my outcome but anyone have any opinions? Because I might be mad if this method really works and I messed it up lol