Should I tell him ?

Hi everyone I’m talking to this guy and he is telling me that he really likes me and will do anything for me blah blah blah. He says he’s all about me and that nobody else has his attention. One day I ask him if he knows my friend let’s call her Jen and he says yeah but he doesn’t fuck with her and got mad when I brought her up so I was like whoa okay sheesh sorry for asking. Anyways she posts half nude photos like I get it sis u do you! Queen shit!! Anyways, he still likes her pictures 😂 even after he said he doesn’t fuck with her!!! Like make it make sense! Anyways, I’ve had this talk with him before I don’t have a problem with him doing all that it’s just funny that he got so mad when I brought her up and he still likes her photos and shit. Anyways that’s such a turn off for me and I’ve asked him to not tell me nobody has his attention but me and doing all that shit. Should I bring it up a 3rd time??? 💀 we aren’t even dating and he’s already not respecting my feelings. Tell him or no??