Bf not wanting sex often

I kinda just need to vent.. and wondered what y’all thought about this. So I have a high sex drive and idk if it’s because of my birth control. Anyway, my bf works nights so there are sometimes 3-4 where days where we won’t see each other. I crave his touch and sex often and whenever we hang out or spend the night at each other’s places, I’d like to have sex, often. While I do understand that not all guys want to have sex everyday, sometimes it feels strange that we won’t have sex for 3-4 days. We talked about this and he actually confessed that sometimes he stops himself from having sex with me because he’s afraid we’re gonna lose passion.

I’m a bit confused with this cause we’re fairly new to being together (turning a year next month). I feel like at this time should be the most time we’ll have sex and then May or may not lose passion over time but that could be fixed by bringing different things into sex.

He also mentions “I’m more in love with you than I lust you, sometimes I just crave your cuddles and touch and not necessarily sex.” But for me, sex is my way of also expressing my love for him physically…

And our sex is always phenomenal.. I was with my ex for about 9 years and he never made me cum but with this current bf, he’s able to give it to me. I think that’s also why I crave it so much, it’s a feeling I’ve never really had. Anyway, when I get the sense he doesn’t wanna have sex with me, it sometimes feels like he’s rejecting me or doesn’t want me. I can’t help but think that..

I’ve been thinking about this a lot so right now I kinda don’t want to see him so I can prevent myself from wanting to initiate sex for fear of rejection and also to respect his choice of not wanting to have sex often.