Baby #3!

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Edit December 6th: I got scammed again by someone on here. This is why we can't have nice things 🙄

Edit November 4th: wow. I hate saying this. I hate it so much. Mainly because I've never once thought of scamming another mum on here after I got them a gift. Out of all the gifts it says were got off my registry a couple of them were cancelled after being ordered. And I never got a reply from said gifter. One was even a mutual exchange and I even offered to replace it if It didn't arrive. 😔

Hey everyone! I'm 21 and my name is Ambria. Some of you may have seen me around the glow community before under the name LullaBye or MintyChaos! We found out about a month ago almost that we were expecting #3 and like my other babies this will be another baby I can't have a shower for.; w; (no one would show up and I have like no family( I am happy I've been able to gift some of you wonderful glow ladies already! I hope everyone has a safe and healthy pregnancy and thanks for giving this a look ❤️❤️ if for some reason you don't have anything nice to say then this ain't the place to open your mouth.

If anyone also has any product recommendations feel free to suggest! :)