Should I break up with my bf?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months. He's sweet, loyal and caring. In the talking stage, we had a few communication problems where I would always ask questions to get to know him and his life but he wouldn't really ask me any questions about myself. I think I got a little confused because he seemed to show interest but didn't seem curious. I confronted him about it and he said that he'd change and ask me more questions to know me. And we were fine then. When we started dating, I felt like we were missing something, I couldn't feel a connection where we could talk about deep intellectual topics - about the world, political issues, etc. He likes to talk more about gaming, technology and other concrete topics. I just thought he wasn't really comfortable opening up yet so I tried adjusting and just wanted to wait until we were more comfortable. We're now in 5 months and I still can't seem to make the connection. I spoke to him about it, he said he was going to try to talk more about his feelings and other deep things I ask about. But then it seemed to feel a bit forced? And I think we were both uncomfortable. I love him because hes really caring, loving and committed (all things that I didn't get in my previous relationship). But i feel like conversations are important for me and I dont know if its worth staying because of his other great qualities. What if I dont find those qualities in someone else?