So right from the start when I told my mom I was pregnant, she told me she wanted to be the main babysitter. Fast forward to baby being born, everytime I need to go to the store or I gotta go do something, my mom is ALWAYS rushing me. I can never grocery shop or do anything peaceful without my mom constantly calling me telling me to hurry because she has things to do. Only reason why she wanted to be main babysitter was because she didn’t want my bfs mom to be the main babysitter. But I try leaving the baby to my mom and she’s always rushing me. Whenever I leave the baby to my mother in law, I get to do things without rushing and only calls me when she’s crying/hungry. With my mom it’s either I take a shower or I cook myself something or go to the store real quick but with my MIL I get to do whatever I have to do. Like tonight, I slept the baby and my bf and I wanted to go out to eat but I also had to shower so I had to choose what was more important because my mom wasn’t going to watch her so I can do both things. Sorry It just gets me so upset how she fought just to be the “main” babysitter but yet never lets me to do what I have to do and always hurrys me up.