Curbside/driveway/drive thru baby shower during COVID

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This is our first baby. We have very low COVID positive tests in our area and almost everyone we know is vaccinated and/or at low risk of exposure.

Personally, having all of my family, friends, and co-workers PLUS all of my husbands in one place sounds very overwhelming to the both of us. We just know so many people! Therefore my husband and I have really considered a baby shower that we can have outside, but where everyone we invite can drive up to our house, see us for a little bit (my husband wants no longer than 15 minutes per vehicle/party), have them drop of their gifts and take pictures, then leave.

To me, it sounds better than a normal baby shower BUT I also dont want it to seem rude like "Give your gifts and leave" sorta thing 😬 The people we invite really mean a lot to us and we care deeply for them, but I know that each one of them is going to want to celebrate heavily with us. (We are trying to eliminate anyone trying to stick around & strictly have my husband and I as the only ones that are actually IN our home)

Any suggestions on how we can make it work? Has anyone had a successful baby shower like this during COVID? Any advice is helpful!

*My husband and I are not vaccinated for COVID but always wear a mask when we interact with people. We just dont feel comfortable having a vaccine performed while pregnant*