Husband did acid

My husband was out with friends and decided to try acid for the first time.... They brought him back to me tripping balls! He thought our painting was coming at him so he started trying to fight our painting.... He has anxiety so then he was in a corner freaking out and I had to babysit him ALL NIGHT! He then started throwing up on the floor and I had to clean it. Then he SHIT HIMSELF!!! He for real shit his pants so I dragged him to the bathroom to strip him and clean him up. That was disgusting and horrible. He once had to take care of me while I tripped on shrooms but nothing this intense. So I've had to hold him freaking out, clean up his vomit, clean him up after he shit himself and so much more! He's knows I'm pissed at him today. He hasn't brought it up. Instead he cleaned the whole house and made me brownies and left them at our bedroom door and a note that said "Best wife. Thx for putting up with my shit". He makes it hard to stay mad lol.