8 week old eating habits - please advise!

My baby was born full-term weighing 6lbs 11oz. She is almost 8 weeks and only in the 30th percentile for weight (she has been gaining weight though). I am only able to pump about 5 oz a day so the rest of her meals come from formula. Our pediatrician says she needs to eat 20-24 oz/day. Some days we get 20 oz, but most days we only reach 16-19 oz. Baby has at least five wet diapers throughout day and typically has a dirty diaper every 1-2 days. All that being said, Is it bad that most days baby can’t reach the 20 oz required goal? I feel she is doing well, but I am getting hung up on the numerical (20-24oz) goal and feel something is wrong. Any insight? Or advice on how to get baby to eat more?

My husband says because she is a petite baby, she will likely not eat as much as standard (20-24oz). Do you agree with this?