For those of you who had a baby who always cried, what is their personality like now?


Hey ladies,

So I have a 3 month old boy who is...very expressive. Ever since birth he would just cry and fuss. In his swing, in his playmat, being laid down somewhere, just always screaming and crying if you leave him alone (not for long obviously). When you pick him up or hold him, he's all good! He needs human contact and needs to see you physically there. Anyway, I thought it would improve once he got out of that new baby phase, but it hasn't and he can go from 0 to a 100 in a second let me tell ya lol. My mom says this means he will be super talkative when he gets older. So I'm wondering for you ladies who had a baby like this, how are they now? My first is 18 months and he was so OPPOSITE. Like, the most chill baby out there. I could leave him in his swing or wherever, and he wouldn't cry!