Recently Diagnosed with HSV

So I’m a 21F junior in college and I found out that I have HSV2 this week. I cried the first two days but now I’m feeling better. I start anti-virals (valacyclovir) on Tuesday. I still can’t believe this happened to me, I got tested before my relationship and then again once it ended and found out I have HSV. I never had an outbreak so idk if I have genital or oral, I never had any symptoms of anything so I’m not sure how long I’ve even had this. I’m still trying to process everything but I have so many questions.

Anybody tried the Dr. Sebi diet to cure it?

How long do the meds take to work?

What will my sex life be like?

How do I disclose to future partners?

Is it better to just not engage in any sexual relationships?

Is there a way to bring your levels down?