Advice needed


So i have a two year old daughter, who is just as energetic as any toddler. Recently her dad and i split after a little over 3years. I am currently with someone else that i have known for years (7 years) and we are giving things another shot, because we really do love eachother. He lived in another ther state when we started up, so we moved to him after awhile. Now me and my daughter live with him. Before coming to live with him i stressed to him that my child is very energetic and into everything because shes a TODDLER she is learning. He was fine with this….. at first. He has met her several times prior to moving in and i saw how they interacted. Everything was good. But now we have been living with him for a few weeks and its like she’s invisible to him. This has really pissed me off! Because thats my baby she is the biggest part of me! I get that they have to warm up to eachther, but he just doesn’t acknowledge her at all and today he said she is annoying and admitted to tolerating her because of me. I just said alright at the end but ,its not alright though im possibly looking for a new place for me and my daughter and strongly considering moving out. Please help! I love him BUT i love my baby a trillion times more!

UPDATE! he has a 4 year old son. Whom of which i would never think of just treating like he doesnt exist. Also when i say several times he taught her to swim, he has been in my home for days at a time and has interacted with her quite well, which is ultimately why i decided to move with him. Also, Im not saying he has to like be completely in love with her! But acknowledging her and paying her some attention goes along way. Especially since she has been wanting to interact with him.Also we dated for 1 1/2 years 7 years ago.