I feel awkward around bf sometimes...

Me and my bf have been dating for about a year. Sometimes, I feel awkward around my bf. I worry I’ll say the wrong thing and he’ll lose interest.

We hang out at least every single day together watching movies (film majors) and having discussions. Sometimes, we don’t even pay attention to a movie because we get distracted by a topic and ramble about random stuff.

Being with him made me even comfortable to burp and fart around him without judgement and vice versa. We can be gross and say weird random shit to each other lol. Always fun.

But, I get anxious texting him and would not respond for a while out of running out of things to say. Worrying about what he thinks. I get anxious and feel awkward walking with him because when it gets quiet, it’s an awkward silence and even can tell he feels awkward and tries to start up another topic.

I get conflicted showing him my “dark” side like my constant crying due to depression and worries. I do tell him about this but I don’t want to annoy him with my issues and be seen as whiny.

I don’t know what to do