Do you think I should feel a way

Do you guys think I am over reacting. Yesterday my bf who keeps saying I made a bad choice because I leased my first car instead of buying or financing it said that I should buy my next car out. I said no, I dont want an old car, I’m going to finance a new car and after that if I want to and can AFFORD it, I will get a new car after but thats after my daughter or future kids, household, and bills are taken care of. He see’s me saying that as bougie and its not smart. I understand his point because “ if it aint broke don’t fix it”, but after everything is handled and I have extra money, and hey my mindset may change, but I may want something new. I work for it. Im not saying you have to buy me a car. He said “ I most def cant marry you”, “ my preference is to do as the white millionaires and drive a car from 2003 while I have millions in my account. I get that. But I purchased my car on my own and not to talk shit, he drives for Uber, and instead of using the money he’s made in the past to get his own vehicle,he hasn’t even though he’s had the money but talks down on my car cause I leased it