Husband brought in a foster child without consulting me

Me and my husband are foster parents. Yesterday he was trying to get a hold of me but I was working. When I come home, there's a 15 year old boy sitting in our kitchen. So he was contacted about a child who was just getting out of a mental institution needed a home. You know what he was in there for? Trying to burn down his last foster families house! According to the case worker something traumatic happened there and instead of calling her to get him he attempted to burn the whole house down. One thing me and my husband agreed on was NO VIOLENT CHILDREN! He said he wss trying to call me, but couldn't get a hold of me and something told him he needed to do this and this child needs help. He had charges pressed against him by the family but instead they sent him to a mental institution for 6 months.... He hasn't said not one word in 26 hours.... My husband said we don't have any other children or foster children or animals so let's give him a chance. I said okay but if he starts getting to violent he has to go. I tried saying hi and having a.conversation but he just rolled his eyes and said nothing.... My husband has a big heart. How he sees it if we don't take him who will.... Ugh... Wish me luck.

Edit: Thx guys... I know the kid isn't completely heartless because when the house caught on fire.all the children weren't in the house. He had woken the children up and lied saying their mom and dad wanted them to go to the neighbors house. So he got the children out before setting the place on fire... He has some heart so maybe we can help.