Telling my parents

Long story short, I’m 20, I’m 13w4d, I met my bf at 19.

I lived with my parents who are extremely strict, and tried to groom me into the daughter they want me to be, instead of the person I wanted to be. Made me feel as if I couldn’t express my emotions, made me feel as if I was below everyone when I was depressed, made me feel like reputation is more important than mental health. January 12,2021 I “ran away” to be with my boyfriend who lived in another state (I was 19) my parents called the cops on me and reported me as a run away. March 12,2021 I had my first miscarriage (my parents still don’t know about that). April 29th ,2021 I find out I’m pregnant! My boyfriend and I are soooo excited, but I can’t bring myself to tell my parents. I won’t be seeing them again until our lease is up in Missouri October 31,2021, which then we may be moving back to my hometown in Tennessee.

I’m scared that when I tell them, I won’t have a family to go back too. Resulting in us not moving back, because we don’t want to put ourselves in a situation where we have nobody except ourselves (in Tennessee) where in Missouri we have a large friend group that has been extremely helpful.

I’m just scared, I’m the first daughter born in the family. I’m suppose to be an example for my sisters to grow up and be like me. I’m scared of the judgement I’m gonna get being a younger mom. I’m scared of the processes we will have to go throw together either alone or with my family. I just don’t know what to do...