Bad texter? Is he even interested?

Would you be willing to give a bad texter a chance. I’ve met this guy about a month ago. We’ve gone on a date just about each weekend.

The thing is we don’t text.... We’ll meet up for a date on a Sunday then plan for a date next Sunday and don’t talk until then....? I’ve initiated texting by sending flirty texts or asking how’s work etc. He’ll respond but responds hours later.

I ended up not responding to him and just figured that he’s not interested but then he’ll text me and ask if we are still meeting up/ going on a date....

He pays for all our date activities, food, drinks, Uber’s, whatever. He hasn’t made a move on me, hasn’t tried to kiss me, hold my hand. I’ve been to his place twice before, we hung out in the living room, not his room. I feel like I’m hanging with a friend.

Which is fine, I just don’t know what he wants from me. I guess I can just ask?