Friend is mad I won’t drop acid with him?

If y’all don’t support the use of psychedelics then please don’t bother commenting.

I’ve dropped acid a few times and really like it. I have a good friend who wants to try it but I don’t want to do it with him since it would be his first time. I offered to hang out with him while he did it so I could take care of him in case anything jumped off, but he said he wouldn’t do it if i’m not doing it with him. I tried explaining that i’m not comfortable dropping if i’m doing it with a person who has never experienced it since not everyone has a good reaction to it. We actually got into an argument about it before I just walked away from him. It’s been a few days since our argument and he just messaged me asking if I could get him and his friends tabs so they could all do it together for the first time. I haven’t answered him because I don’t know how to get it in his head that it’s not safe to do if none of them have experienced it and they wouldn’t have anyone sober with them.