Red flags?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over six months, however the last 3 have been long distance. He is definitely not as a mature as me, so you can imagine how that goes. He took my virginity however I was not his first, but his fourth. It didn’t bother me much, and when it did happen we were both ready and I felt comfortable and safe. He’s such a typical boy now, after he moved we broke up for a little because he didn’t want to pursue long distance, but got back together soon after when he realized he made a mistake. But, just the way he acts makes me feel so unappreciated. He makes little effort to communicate with me in anyway, with the exception of facetimes at his convenience. He says he loves me but he doesn’t show it very much, and sometimes I feel like an object to him. He literally just finished being angry and throwing a fit while we were on the phone, and when I asked why he told me “because I haven’t had pussy in like 3 months”. Like, sorry you decided to move and aren’t happy with me? Sex has never felt like a necessity to me, and he’s coming to visit soon and it’s making me feel like I have to give him what he wants, he’s expecting it and if I don’t I risk losing him. I don’t mind I enjoy it too, but I wish it didn’t feel like sex was such a big part of our relationship because to me, it never was or will be. I’m more of a romantic type, and that’s just not who he is. But on our good days, I’ve never been happier. Are these red flags? What do I do?