6 weeks HCG

Hi all.

Currently 6 weeks pregnant.

My HCG was initially 345 then after 4 days went up to 3450 (Monday). That same week Thursday, I had period like cramping and light bleeding. Hospital did bloods and HCG came back at 6950 (so only JUST doubled in a bit over 48 hours: they said it was borderline and they would of liked to see it higher). They did an ultrasound to check it was in the right place, and it was, but have said now to wait 3 days for a higher tech ultrasound and see what happens. Bleeding stopped after a few hours, now just brown spotting when wiping, but still have an uncomfortable stomach ache like a period.

Trying not to have my hopes up. They said it’s either an early miscarriage or normal first trimester bleeding! What a big difference in either option.

Any experiences to share in similar experiences? Gna be a long 3 day wait! ❤️