I’m going on my first vacation by myself!


(Well my husband just got stationed stationed there for school with the army I believe at eglin AFB) I just booked my flight!!! IM SO EXCITED! We’ve had a shit year. And it got worse when We lost my brother in may unexpectedly. And then my uncle a week after my brothers funeral. So like has been awful trying to deal with all that. I’m excited to get away and forget about all my problems and stress here and enjoy a week on the beach! I haven’t went anywhere since I was 15? I’m 22 now! And I CANNOT wait!!! My PTO was approved, I have my flight. Money saved up to spend! I have him and a place to stay. Literally all I needed was my flight out there! So if y’all have any good recommendations of fun stuff to do in Pensacola/Destin Florida recommend them below!! I’ve waited so long!! I’ll be there for a week! So there’s lost of time for activities!