Our kids fight mildly..is this a reason for him to threaten to kick me out or break up with me often?

Our kids were playing truth or dare tonight, and they got into an argument. The 12 year old told the 10 year old to shut the hell up, then the 10 year old tells the other one the same thing and the 12 year old started crying and ran off. My fiancé and I were on the four wheeler just enjoying ourselves why the kids played and then that happened during. They both do the same things to each other but every time they fight, my fiancé blames me and my daughter and threatening to make us leave. I honestly feel like he started crying because he was jealous we were on the four wheeler together, which is another issue. We’ve been together for 6 years, we live together, and it seems when the children fight, it causes us to fight. I need advice. I’m at my wits end!!

I wanted to add, I know how my daughter can be, but he doesn’t want to see how his son can be. She and/or I is always to blame. I also asked the 12 year old what happened and why he started crying and he could t give me answer. He said he didn’t know and he forgot.

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