Baby name regret?

I apologize in advance that this is so long..I need to vent to people who can hopefully understand… I’m about 5 weeks pp with my second child. My husband and I couldn’t pick/agree on a name the whole pregnancy. We even had our family “vote” to help us at our little baby shower, which I now sort of regret because some family members really got stuck on one of them and referred to the baby as that name the rest of the pregnancy. While in the hospital, I was so overwhelmed and feeling rushed to have to name him. I am an indecisive person to begin with, but this was just hitting me so hard for some reason. Everyone said we would know his name when we saw him and that just wasn’t the case for me. So literally right before we were about to be discharged Saturday morning, we finally picked a name so we could go. We chose Waylon Joseph (compromise of the middle name my husband liked and the first name I was leaning towards) even though other people thought he looked like a Caleb Joseph (husbands choice). I immediately was feeling like we chose wrong for some reason, cause I felt so rushed and pressured and just wasn’t sure, but my husband was sure on his name choice. I began regretting it and feeling like the name didn’t suit him and he was meant to be Caleb and I would just have to accept that even though I didn’t really like it. I felt good about it, or so I thought, so we ended up back at the hospital Monday morning to amend the paperwork before they sent it in. We ended up finally announcing his name to family that day and finally announced his arrival on Facebook on Tuesday. My husband has been excited and ready to announce and I just kept putting it off, wanting to sort of disappear and not deal with it because nothing is feeling right. I realized I wasn’t referring to him by his name within a few days and was still using like buddy and sweetheart and stuff. Then I started catching myself wanting to say Waylon or thinking Waylon in my head before I’d respond. I tried to buy a couple personalized things to help me get excited about it and it just isn’t working.. It is eating away at me, I can’t stop thinking about it, I've cried so many times. I don't know what is right or wrong. I feel like I'm stuck with his name now because we already told everyone and I just feel so stupid. I wish I would’ve known that I could’ve put no name and had six months to correct his birth certificate for free, because I would’ve done that and announced his arrival with no name and taken my time.. We have a lot going on in our life right now (sold our house right before finding out I was pregnant and building a house that should've been done now, but instead hasn't even started because of covid/things out of our control) and we have had to be making some big decisions and haf been in limbo the whole pregnancy, so idk if that's what's adding to me feeling this way or what, but I can't get it together. Should I be worried that this is PPD? Or is this just name regret, my indecisiveness and my current stressful situation building up? How dumb is it to change it? Part of me just feels so stupid to do that, how embarrassing..but then the other part of me would rather be embarrassed for a little while instead of regretting and hating the name forever.. I never liked the name and have no idea what I was thinking by doing it other than I just wasn’t sure and my husband was, so I went with what he thought because I was such a mess. And I’ve tried to come around to it, but I just get so upset hearing the name, having to introduce him, the way it looks, etc. Also have a four year old daughter to think about.. don’t want to confuse her too much 😩 For reference, her name is Gracelyn Joanne.. and we weren’t sure if Gracelyn and Waylon sounded cute together or like too much.. When we went to the hospital, I thought my husband was finally on board with leaning towards Waylon Joseph with me and then he said he didn’t look like a Waylon and now is saying he’s just not sold on the name.. but he doesn’t care as much as I do and would deal with it, unlike me apparently..who is just struggling so much. Also, he got the middle name he wanted after him, so everyone would get something that way. Idk, sorry for the rant.. if you took the time to read this far, I appreciate it and would love your thoughts..