Unexplained fertility problems anyone else 🤔


I have had one pregnancy and no live births I was pregnant at a young age its been 15 years scene i have been pregnant I use to have irregular periods they are now on a normal schedule I've made life changes far as my eating habits to help boost the fertility in my cycles but nothing yet the doctors can't seem to pin point anything to me not getting pregnant and the stomach issues I have at random times I have a really bad stomach pain that in my lower stomach shoots through my vagina and also my my rectum the pain gets so bad ill go to the hospital and they always test the same things weather or not I have a uti or std these results always come back negative I've been told things like we don't see anything maybe its a phantom pain to im allergic to weed but mind you I been having these issues before I started smoking weed no I don't do any other drugs I have had no answers at all as to what could be causing the fertility issues I do not have any health complications im starting to belive that this has something to do with the lost of the one pregnancy I had that one had to be terminated due to the baby not developing kidneys i had to have a d&c at 5 months going on 6 I was a week away from 6 I feel like maybe the took something out scared something and the doctors in the state that it happened in is covering it up I recently just had a CT scan they said everything was normal I just had a small cyst on my liver but it was nothing to worry about its normal has anyone experienced this something close have any answers any tips or trick to help me im feeling hopeless right now