Any thoughts?


So I failed my round on Clomid. Last AF was June 14th and then I had a cyst on my left ovary. I had an US on 7/21 definitely wasn’t pregnant BUT I had several follicles on each ovary. I’ve had bloodwork every week for the past 5 weeks and it was <1. I had accepted defeat, but thought I’d take 1 final test before giving up forever on TTC. This morning I had a faint line on a FRER. My HCG was 2.6. They want me to wait two weeks to get my levels again, then have a viability ultrasound.

It’s like the TWW, again! I hope this baby wants to be in our family as much as we want them.❤️🦋

Please excuse the sweater hair, this is the only pic within 10 mins I have.