Arythmia as a pregnancy symptom


I have pre existing arythmia. My heart skips funny sometimes especially in high stress situations. Today I have been feeling very odd. Since my periods are so irregular it has always been hard to track my ovulations. I was put on birth control in January to regulate my periods and was told to stop taking them when I became regular and to try and conceive. I regulated and stopped and tried for three months to get pregnant tracking my ovulations here on glow and to no avail. This past month has been busy and so we have only had sex once, the day before I was to start my period according to the new schedule I had fallen into while on birth control. Now my doctor did say eventually I would go back to being abnormal so when i missed my period the next day of course I thought nothing of it I figured Id skip this month and maybe next before I hit it again cause that's how my stuff works it hit when it wants to lol. But the last couple days im feeling weird. My boobs have been tender, neaseous when I try to eat or smell certain things cooking, I'm feeling like I need to use the bathroom but little to nothing happens (number 2) and I'm experiencing some dizzyness and today my arythmia is giving me a lot of issues. Could this be a sign I'm pregnant? I know pregnancy rises the heart rate which could cause arythmia to spike in people with pre existing issues if I got pregnant that one day I would he 14 dpo