Anyone else such a loser?

Lol I am 25 almost 26 in 4 months and I have no friends. I mean I have a friend whom I haven’t spoken to or seen in 4 ish years. No one texts me besides my mom. Sure I have some followers I don’t know and they watch my stuff and I have old friends I haven’t talked to or seen in 6+ years watching and sometimes responding to my stories. I’m single and have been after leaving my toxic relationship 3 years ago. Im not even sure I can have kids due to my pcos and the fact my ex and I tried for 2 years straight and nothing happened. I’m over weight due to hypothyroid and mostly because I put off going to the doctor because I had no self love back then and in a relationship where he thought I’d cheat on him. So the weight just piled on. Oh and I moved back at my parents since 2019 and any affordable houses I was looking at just increased by 200k this year alone. So I still don’t make enough. Been in training for a new job this past month and only make 35k a year but the company is good so lots of chances to grow. I feel like I’m constantly annoying to other people in my group even tho our training is all online. Oh and the other day a 19 year old in the group asked what we wanted to name our kids and I had none. Everyone else either has them or has a plan. Nots of people in relationships too, that came up. Hmm what else oh ya my room is a mess due to my depression and I have a fear of dating again. Feel like people will find me ugly and repulsive because of my weight and that everyone wants a hot girl. I also look similar to my dad which bothers me a lot as I’m not close to him. And I don’t think I’m over my high school ex, maybe 70% there but it still stings when I realize how everyone is in love and I’m not. And I think that’s about it

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