Help— Supply going away after milk coming in and pumping to bottle feed him breastmilk


I’m so frustrated...

For reference, baby is 1 week 1 day old.

First off, I have flat nipples that make it extremely hard for baby to latch, I decided to give up on trying to breastfeed for a while to focus on pumping to get enough milk supply to wean him off of formula onto just breast milk.

After my milk started coming in, things started going really well. I pumped after every time I feed him for a bottle for his next feeding. By day 2 of this I was pumping 2oz each pump session, just what baby was wanting, and I almost exclusively fed him breast milk without having to supplement formula.

Now I’m so frustrated because my supply seems so low now just a day apart from how well it had been going. My breasts feel flat. When I pump it’s taking forever and I’m not getting enough milk for his next feeding, so I’m having to supplement with formula again.

It feels like I drained my breasts of milk, but isn’t your milk supply to come in by supply and demand? I should be getting more milk the more I pump...

I’m super hydrated, eating okay (trying to do better), pumping every few hours, and I’m mostly relaxed and happy though tired of course.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to keep supplementing formula, but I just don’t have enough milk...

Anyone know anything that will help?