Mastitis and clogged ducts


Hi, I have been breastfeeding my baby since birth.. he is now 2 weeks 3 days old. I developed mastitis 10 days back and my ob prescribed antibiotics which doesn’t seem to help unclog my clogged ducts.

There is still a big lump around my nipple.. it is not sore but it’s interfering with my baby’s latch and the nipple has become sore because of bad latching. I didn’t have matching pain before this. I started pumping because it’s too painful to nurse on the affected breast. But the lump doesn’t seem to clear at all. I need help with:

1. What can I do to clear the lump? I got LaVie lactation massager. Has anyone used it and seen results for clogged ducts? I haven’t used it yet.

2. My supply is not great, I want to start using liquid gold supplement from legendary milk. But I’m afraid it will aggravate the clogged duct problem. Can I start using it?

3. What really helped you if you have faced the same situation?

Any experiences you share would be really helpful, thank you.