idk what to do

So, I want my mom with my husband and I as I give birth because it’s her first grandchild and idk I just have a feeling it will be really special for her. At first she didn’t seem that happy but as the pregnancy’s progressed she’s become more and more excited (even said she’s waiting on the registry because she has a bunch of stuff she wants to buy lol). We are also NC with my husbands mom due to her oversleeping boundaries and my mom knows that so she tried to stay out the way and only ask how we’re doing and how the baby’s growing.

The other side of me has ALWAYS said I just want my husband and I to have that special time with our little one. We want the time to bond with our baby before other people come around and we just want to relax (since i’m sure labor isn’t that relaxing). We want to come home and let our puppy get adjusted to our baby as well as for us get adjusted to parenthood.

What would you do? I love both ideas, I still need to speak to my husband but he’s so relaxed he doesn’t care.