Is any one else’s baby EXTREMELY clingy???


as a newborn my baby girl would take naps by herself, love car rides, love to nap with her daddy & grandma… now she won’t let anyone else hold her but me, & I have to hold her 24/7! I love her so much & I love that she depends on me, but I need to be able to lay her down for a nap so I can do stuff/let other people hold her… she also won’t take a bottle unless i’m not around & she’s absolutely starving…. she won’t even stay in her car seat anymore, she literally will scream until she chokes herself & starts literally turning purple & we have to pull over to pull her out & pat her back to get her to breathe & calm down… I haven’t gone anywhere in weeks, i’m so scared to take her anywhere because of this… I don’t know what to do :(