Fill in doctor has me freaked out !

I’m high risk so I see my normal ob and a high risk doctor. I’m now officially 36 weeks. I’ve had to get weekly non stress test because of my blood pressure.

1st stress test (with my regular OB) baby did great

2nd (fill-in OB) I was sent to the hospital because she wasn’t moving enough. My baby sleeps mostly in the day and parties at night

At the hospital they conducted their own non stress test and after a while she woke up and wouldn’t stop moving. They also did an ultra sound and assured me she was perfectly fine

3rd stress test (fill -in OB) baby moved some very light movements tho and she told me that even tho baby is moving her heart rate isn’t increasing with movement and it should. She said “the only way I’m not sending u to the hospital is if the report from the hospital was good”

She reviewed the report and saw that the baby scored 8 out of 8 on the non stress test but had 24.4 of amniotic fluid around her .4 more than she should (they told me this at the hospital but told me it was better to have a little more than not enough ) doctor goes “I won’t send u to the hospital but the heart rate movements and the .4 I think you should be induced at 36 weeks”

I told her I’d discuss it with my high risk doctor since I had an appointment about 2 or 3 days later

High risk performed a more detailed exam on baby that didn’t measure just movement only. measured her, checked her heart rate, her movements, etc. I shared with him the opinions of the fill-in OB and he didn’t agree. He said based off of their exam the baby was perfectly fine and not to worry about the .4 over.

I’ve been on blood pressure meds the entire pregnancy and my blood pressure has been controlled and normal after meeting with fill-in OB twice I am now super paranoid and super stressed about whether baby is okay which has caused my blood pressure to be higher.

That was the only concern of my high risk doctor because everything else was fine. He does want me induced after 38 weeks because of the pressure.

Problem is now I’m paranoid about baby’s movements. I feel like they may have decreased but it could also be in my head especially with the hospital and High risk doctor telling me she’s “perfectly fine”.

Opinions ….