Am I making this more than it should be?


So yesterday my boyfriend started acting weird. I have a garage spot and sometimes to get a way from my motherly duties I go in there and watch netflix and have some snacks. I didnt do that yesterday. I took my daughter and her friend to the park. I tell him that and he just acts weird and says goodnight. So I FT him and ask him why he’s telling me goodnight. He hangs up which literally irks my nerve. I call him back, no answer. So i text and im like really? He replies that I was talking like “ I run shit, so before I cursed you out, I hung up” So im like i didn’t come at you any type of way, all I want is for you to communicate not hang up. I’ve never talked like I ran shit before so what in my tone changed. I ask so its ok to start hanging up? He says yes. But what really got me is that im trying to communicate with him and he is literally asking me if im done and to drop it, even sends the Kevin Hart GIF that says “ are you done “. When hes upset with me I make sure I apologize, understand his view points, i give him time to cool off and when I see him im all over him more than usual so he sees my genuineness. For him its like, I have no right to feel how I feel. Am I overreacting?