Working from home with a toddler. Is it doable?


I basically am entitled to a year maternity leave (I live in Ontario, Canada) and right now my spouse and I are struggling for money. We live on a pay check by pay check basis and I'm losing my sanity over it. My EI isn't enough and I ran out of my savings to pay for food, rent, and baby needs. My partner is the worse at money management despite him being the only income provider. He does pay for food, rent and utilities. But he's so bad I've had to use all of my money to keep us at bay. Hes bad because he maxed out his credit card and he just pays a huge sum to even it out to only max it out again. I use all of my EI to pay for my half of rent and used up my last $600 for food. He had nothing.

So now we're back at needing food and he doesn't have anything, AGAIN. I can't live like this anymore! My son is 9 months old and he eats solids now. I need this fridge full! 😩

So I'm looking at the idea of starting work full time at home while taking care of our son. He says he will help but let's be honest, he won't. So now I'm stressing over working full time at home while being a full time mom at home and maintaining a home.

In short is working from home doable with a baby? How have you done?

Please consider that I cannot afford daycare at the moment and I have no family to support me throughout the day.

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