How do y’all not just melt??

Moss • ✝️🏳️‍🌈any pronouns🏳️‍⚧️♍️

It doesn’t matter what happens or how innocent the intentions were, if someone I’m attracted to touches me I fucking fall apart. Hand holding and bumping arms? Absolutely fine. Touches my thigh for like 5 seconds or lays on top of me? I’m horny for the rest of the damn day. I was sitting with my partner and we were holding hands, and he pulls back to crack his knuckles and instead of reaching for my hand, he goes past it and sets his hand on my upper thigh. Then he lifts his hand and asks if that’s okay with me and I’m like “mhmm yea yes.” And he sets it back down and i just fucking die. But then he moved his hand a few seconds later and now I’m just fuckin horny still, 3 hrs later. Fuck.