Can i take this to HR?

Im crying but I don’t know if I’m emotional right now since I’m pregnant. I’ll be leaving on maternity leave in 2 months and this coworker is so mean.

So we were having lunch…one of them is a guy. So yesterday he was asking when I’ll return. I told him I am not even sure since I’ve mentioned to my partner that ideally I’d want to be a SAHM. He’s okay with it until my baby starts preschool. Even then I’ll probably stick with part time.

Don’t know why he got so offensive. He started telling me that he doesn’t know why women feel so entitled. I asked what he meant. He said women expect so much from men but what do I have to offer that makes him want to support me financially. I told him I have a lot to offer as his wife and mother of his unborn child. He gave me a smirk.

He then said “you definitely were raised right “ and smirked. I just kept eating. He said he hopes his gf doesn’t think the way I do caused he will dump “her ass”

IToday he joined for lunch. I was so annoyed. The conversation came up again. I literally was just on my phone. Then my friend asks me how long I’ve know my partner. I said “oh we were 16” and then the guy goes off and says “and how many times has he cheated? Cause that guy thinks that by financially supporting you you’ll forgive him ” I literally bursted out and said “sorry you’re such a mediocre and cheap guy.” He said something like “my gf is way better than you and isn’t a gold digger”

Idk how to report this. Or if it’s worth it since I’m leaving why is he even so bothered about me not working

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