Tummy Trouble


Hey Ladies! FTM, my son is now a little over 5 weeks old and has been struggling with tummy issues since week 1! We have switched his formula three times now and he is currently on Simliac Pro Total Comfort, which seemed to help for the first two weeks. We also do probotics once a day, and gas drops as needed. He is now back to stuggling to poop regularly (red in face/ grunting/ legs pulled-when he does go though it is a normal consistency) spitting up a lot, hiccups at least two times a day, crying throughout the day as if he is in pain, trouble sleeping (moving a lot, grunting, random crying outbursts). I mention it at every doctors appointment and the doctors just keep telling us that it is all normal and to just keep doing what we are doing and that it will pass. This formula makes his poop very green which I know is from the iron so I'm not concerned about that part, but he is now having some mucus in his poop and not eating as well as he did before and seems to pull away while eating and crying during some feedings. He also has a tongue tie that I think might be making everything worse, but we went to an ENT and they said that it wasn't necessary to fix it, even though we disagree. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and things that might help. I feel like he is just getting worse! Everytime we fix one symptom something else seems to pop up. I just feel like something isn't right, but I also don't know if its just first time mom syndrome! Any advice is greatly appreciated