I’m pregnant?


•I’m about to be 23 in ♎️September (1998). My man just turned 24 in June(1997)♊️. (He’s not with me at the moment but that subject is irrelevant to the situation.)

•I’m pregnant with my 2nd child. And I’m nervous because people are telling me again to get rid of it. And etc

•I found a OB that was more nice than my old one. The nurse practitioner I was seeing for my medicine (Atlanta, Tx) she was so rude to me. Said I should give this baby up if CPS don’t take it and I wasn’t ready still.

•❌The nurse I saw in Longview said it wasn’t her place to say that. It’s NOT her body, NOT her choice.❌

♒️I had my son Greyson in January of 2017. (Took my parent classes that year) When I was graduating from High School. I now live in my own apartment with central air & heat.

I do have money 💰 coming in, in December of 2018 I was in a car accident and the lady who has my son she was trying to take him away from me while I was in a coma. (CPS got involved because I was still in school and the case worker knew my mom. They practically based me off of her.) Since then I’ve been drug-free, took the medicine I was proscribed.

•Over the time, I’ve gotten some news from a few ppl about CPS and etc.

⚠️PSA: I have MDD (Major depressive disorder) and anxiety. I overthink everything. Kind of OCD

•People think I’m this & that but they were just jealous over what my 1st baby daddy and I had.

I’m just wanting to VENT how I feel about the situation. 🤷‍♀️

⚠️⚠️PSA it’s called Venting⚠️