Does anyone else have this or get this?

So I’ve had my contraceptive implant for nearly 6 months now and from about month 3 onwards I’ve had irregular periods etc, I know that it somewhat normal but yesterday me and my S/O tried having sex again after a month or so of not doing it because of the periods etc and basically yesterday morning I was somewhat still in a period and I used a tampon and by the time it got to 3pm I would usually have leaked through (I was at work) but it was practically dry so I stuck with a panty liner and so when me and my S/O decided to have sex I ended up bleeding so bad, I know people might turn around and say oh he might have tore you or where you haven’t had intercourse in a while it might have caused it but I know it’s not because as I said I was on my period in the morning, has this happened to anyone else while on their implant ?