6 week pp glucose test alt cholesterol high

Hi all, I had my 6 week pp glucose fasting test which came back ok. But they also tested my hbac1 which shouldn’t be checked until 13 weeks and also tested blood for other things. It came back that my cholesterol was high and my alt (liver enzymes). I read online that shouldn’t get cholesterol tested until 3 months after birth if you had a c section and cholesterol may be high due to repair cell membranes and heal surgical wounds so results before unreliable. I am hoping that these are high because taken them before 3 months. They said my hbac1 results were ok but im thinking because shouldn’t of had that tested til 3 months pp it could be higher as some weeks would have been when pregnant. So hoping these other levels higher because taken too soon too and just a case of body recovering from emergency c section still. I was on medication for c section and had urine infection so hoping that is the cause of alt. Can’t help but worry but the nurse didn’t seem concerned and said could be c section and to just take them all again once over 12 weeks pp. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or any advice. Thanks in advance. :)