No pregnancy bond w/ baby

I’m 31 weeks pregnant with our second & it took us a little over 2 years to finally get pregnant, our first is 5 years old and don’t get me wrong I’m so excited but with my first pregnancy I felt the bond I felt so connected to my girl this time around I don’t even feel pregnant besides sometimes body pain and when she moves it feels more real but lastnight when I felt her move with my hand I just felt so scared like I won’t love her as much as our first or something it’s hard to explain the feelings I felt but I feel so guilty and feel like my kids deserve a better mom, I read a post of a girl that didn’t feel any kind of bond her whole pregnancy but once she met her baby it all hit her so I’m praying for that cause I cried so hard when I seen my first but I just feel like I won’t love her as much as I want to and it scares me