Ladies i need your help

Ok ladies I need your help I just had a baby two months ago and my husband wanted a dna test never have I cheated on him and I don’t have no male friends or males in my phone and I been a sahm for 3 years now well after I got the dna test done I felt hurt but I felt like there was something else so I went on our phone account and looked on his phone plan and you can see who you text and call but only the number well this number keep popping up a lot and I seen that they will call and talk for hours and I was like who is this so I thought it was his mama well it keep popping up in my head so I decided to check his phone well the number wasn’t saved and it was a female well he was telling her he can’t wait to see her and she sent him a picture and he called her sexy well I confronted him about it and shit well I asked him why was they on the phone he was saying only for conversation and I asked what was y’all talking about and he said work and life and stuff 😒 and I said why did you call her sexy and he said because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings 😒😒 so am I just tripping he say they wasn’t talking or serious but I don’t know what to believe to be honest because why would you tell another female you can’t wait to see her and call her sexy if y’all wasn’t serious and why should another bitch feelings matter more than your wife. So ladies am I just overthinking shit or am I sane because I’m driving myself crazy