Boyfriend doesn’t know if he wants children

I need advice.

My boyfriend has just come to me and told me he isn’t sure if he wants children or not anymore, knowing this is a massive things for me. I’m desperate to have children.

Long story short we had an abortion 10 months ago because he was about to lose his job and finances weren’t good. We agreed children in the future and he has always known how important that is to me. But reality was he only lost his job 2 months ago, right around the time that baby should have been born. Now he has been unemployed for 2 months since June and he’s very down, depressed and miserable and questioning his purpose in life.. we have had this talk and he recognises depression. He’s questioning everything and has brought up that he doesn’t know if he wants children anymore.

We live together and have been together for 4 years but I moved into his place so I am not on the mortgage or any bills.. I just send money to his account monthly towards it all. I moved to a different city to be with him so no family around, my whole life is here and if this falls apart I will have nothing and have to start my life from scratch pretty much which scares me half to death.

I just want some advice because I have no idea how to handle a depressed partner and I also don’t want to be taken advantage of and pay money every month for him to turn around in a few more months and say no I don’t want children? I just turned 29 and don’t want to waste the last year of my 20s on waiting for someone to let me down. Life is too short but also he’s not in a great place and I love him. And it’s obvious you will question your whole life’s purpose when you’re so down and depressed, as he has nothing to get up for in the morning. He had a very well paid high up job and was well respected. It was his career of 30 years and it got swept out from under him.

Advice please 😩😩