Bleeding /spotîg in 12 weeks4 days gestation


In my first month of pregancy i found a pink tinch of blood on tissue when i wént to use the wash room just around the time my period was to come.

Same think happened second month

But a little more qty.

Am in my third month almsot hitting 13 weeks again i went to the wash room n i noticed blood wn i wiped. The qty was more that the others n i realised that as i wiped the qty reduced till i cld hv blood only if i inserted the tissue in.

I hv no cramps persay just pinches here n dere n lower bck pain dul wc i hv had since i was 11 weeks i was told its my uterine muscles enlarging to accomodate the new baby.

To b honest i am panicking bc earlier on i was told here its normal to bleed or spot. But this is the 12 week almost 13 IS IT STILL NORMAL.